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  • Peter De Francia
Three Quarrymen
© Peter de Francia

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Three Quarrymen about 1968
The limestone quarries near the artist’s home in the village of Lacoste in the South of France provided the subject matter for this large painting. It depicts three quarrymen resting - one is relaxing, with his arms behind his head, while the other two men appear to be eating. The monumental and powerful forms of the men have a physical presence, painted with strong, block-like brushstrokes. The theme of the painting shows the influence of Fernand Léger, whom De Francia knew personally and has written extensively about, as well as the Italian artist Renato Guttuso. De Francia had shared a studio with Guttuso in the early 1950s. Both Guttuso and Léger painted subjects of social realism, such as workers and peasants.

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Social Realism

Significant social themes such as poverty and injustice are represented in a work, usually to highlight a need for reform.

Social Realism


  • Acc. No. GMA 4746
  • Medium Oil on linen
  • Size 212.00 x 152.00 cm
  • Credit Presented by the artist 2004