Skin Series No. 8
© Boyle Family

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  • Scottish Art
Boyle Family are perhaps best known for a series of works called ‘Journey to the Surface of the Earth’, in which they make exact replicas of randomly-selected portions of the earth’s surface. The ‘Skin Series’ is based on the same principal, mapping surfaces but on a microscopic scale. ‘Skin Series No.8’ is an image of a minute section of skin taken from the inside of Mark Boyle’s right elbow. Fourteen such works were made, each area being randomly chosen by throwing darts at a body chart. Each skin section was then frozen & removed. A negative image was taken, then enlarged and recorded on light sensitive paper. ‘Skin Series’ also relates to Boyle Family’s works of the 1960s which used bodily fluids.


  • Acc. No. GMA 1305
  • Medium Black and white photograph (Cytogram) on hardboard (two sheets joined)
  • Size 183.00 x 183.40 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1974