Die Hölle (Hell): Die Strasse (The Street)
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Die Hölle (Hell): Die Strasse (The Street) 1919
In this busy scene a number of different types of people are seen mixing on the street. Injured war veterans try and earn a living, while prostitutes and the poor mix with the bourgeois and 'respectable' citizens. A man with outstretched arms is carried through the crowd, while passers-by seem not to notice. He appears to be injured, but we do not know if he is being saved or taken away for another reason. This figure may refer to the anarchist writer Gustav Landauer who was murdered as part of the uprising in May 1919.

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A political philosophy opposed to the rule of law and the state. Some anarchists advocate their replacement by voluntary associations while others advocate violence to overthrow them. The word is used generally to describe a state of lawlessness.



  • Acc. No. GMA 2465 C
  • Medium Lithograph
  • Size 87.00 x 61.00 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1981