Die Hölle (Hell): Der Nachhauseweg (The Way Home)
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Die Hölle (Hell): Der Nachhauseweg (The Way Home) 1919
This print depicts Beckmann himself greeting a disfigured soldier who has returned from the war. He beckons towards the left in order to guide him, like the viewer, through the next nine scenes of the portfolio. These show the reality of life in postwar Germany. In the background are war veterans on crutches and a female figure who may be a prostitute or a war widow wearing a veil. The dog in the foreground refers to Cerberus, the mythical creature who guards the gates of Hell.

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A group of art works, by one or more artists, issued or housed together in a portfolio case. This often applies to photographs or prints, and portfolios often include a title page or introductory text. The term is also used to describe a group of works which exemplify an artist's work overall.



  • Acc. No. GMA 2465 B
  • Medium Lithograph
  • Size 87.00 x 61.00 cm
  • Credit Purchased 1981