Unknown men (Newhaven)

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Unknown men (Newhaven) 1843 - 1847
  • Scottish Art
Also known as ‘Men leaning on a Boat’, this calotype shows a group of Newhaven fishermen around one of their boats. Fishing was a profitable but highly skilled and hazardous business. The Newhaven men worked with the ‘small line’ to catch haddock, whiting and codling, and the ‘great line’ out at open sea. Every year during the herring season, they rowed 200 miles north to Wick, where they would fish during the night for six to eight weeks. After their strenuous and dangerous work at sea, they returned to land to rest. Cynical landlubbers would sometimes see the fishermen hanging around in the harbour and think of them as lazy, without understanding the difficult but irregular nature of their work.

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The first effective version of photography, using drawing or writing paper for both the negative and the positive. The paper was sensitised with potassium iodide and silver nitrate, exposed and developed in gallic acid and silver nitrate.



  • Acc. No. PGP HA 306
  • Medium Calotype print
  • Size 20.80 x 15.70 cm
  • Credit Provenance unknown